wait u realize what this means for his hair tho. soldiers have to have really short hair. if he plays a soldier we’re screwed


mayb he wont play a solider maybe hes playing tom hardys sad n scared housewife. he walks around in nothing but sheets artfully draped around his body


I just want to say, thank you. Thank you for protecting me after I, you know, killed…


Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina and in The Late Late Show with James Corden 

“I cannot take credit for any of that,” said Oscar.

“[It was done] by a choreographer who had won Mr. Disco in the U.K. in the mid-‘90s, so he knows his stuff.“It was about twice as long originally,” Oscar said. “And in the film it’s cut to about half.


dailymail: a dressed down Louis Tomlinson—

tchaikovsky from his grave: first of all, bitch,