I just got this comment on my @ifreakinlovemerch Instagram account. It’s very said that people like this @ex_amin person have such disregard by anything they don’t enjoy. I can’t decide whether to feel angry or to pity someone for being so sad like that. Disregarding authors for writing YA books and readers for choosing to read that sort of genre is such a sickening thing to do and I have a hard time understanding what goes on through his head. Who knows, maybe he can’t get it up and being pretentious make him feel better.

What kind of snobbish and joyless shit is this? Why are people so personally offended by YA and genre fiction? I honestly don’t get it. 

I don’t get it either. I wasn’t even going to acknowledge him, but it made me so mad I’m still shaking. I post pictures of books by authors like @sararaasch, @cassandraclare, @vaveyard, @veronica-rossi, Sarah J Maas, Diana Gabaldon, Rick Riordan, George R. R. Martin, C. S. Pacat, Jojo Moyes, Colleen Hoover and the thought of someone dishing the amazing worlds and stories that they’ve come up with is so upsetting to me! I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a “real reader” but I guess there’ll always be a real asshole

Xena Reboot Series to Turn Implied Homoerotic Undertones into Glorious Homoerotic Overtones




oh my god?



Xena Reboot Series to Turn Implied Homoerotic Undertones into Glorious Homoerotic Overtones

your condescending text post literally made me not want to vote lmao. we know it affects other people but don’t act like a goddamn professor at harvard because its tumblr and its a subject thats not that hard to understand.


And then, we have another anon:

| Hey so I’m American and I read your post about making sure to vote and I’m surprised people have been assholes and said things like “it’s not your country/continent.” That is so misguided and ignorant. I LIKE that other citizens are chiming in and saying “no seriously, this isn’t a joke you don’t want to go down this path.” The fact that The Donald has made it this far without dropping out is terrifying, him actually being elected would be catastrophic. So at least IMO please DO keep talking. |

Two kinds of people.





Watch: Mark Ruffalo introduced the country to Black Men for Bernie — and the candidate took notice.

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Mark Ruffalo, superhero on screen, hero in real life

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#this woman works with koala bears yet is still looking at louis like he’s the cutest thing she’s ever seen (x)