Reasons why the Stark kids convinced me to gave a chance to Game of Thrones Season 6

Have you ever felt sure your time with a particular story was over? End, period, goodbye and never to cross road again? That’s how I felt after Season 5 of Game of Thrones was over. I was disappointed with pretty much everything that I told myself “okay, that’s it, I’m done with the show, I’ll just wait for Martin-snail-pace publishing”. There were so many reasons I despised S5, mostly concerning the horrid treatment of female characters (I talked about my specific issues with the Sand Snakes here).

And look at me now: roped back in GOT madness by my beloved wolf puppies.

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Can we please talk about how our history teacher sent a barbie to the smithsonian as proof of the presence of man two million years ago

pleas,e for the love of God read the whole letter, there are tears streamign down my face rn

Can we please talk about how your history teacher has done this sort of thing enough times that he has his own specimen shelf in the Smithsonian

“yours in science” tho

“B. Clams don’t have teeth” is the part where I lost it.



Every line of this is golden.


Eva Green as Miss Peregrine :: Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)



Emily Temple-Wood, a biology major at Loyola University, started WikiProject Women Scientists in 2012 in an attempt to combat the sweeping underrepresentation of women in the annals of scientific discovery.

The trolls soon descended, but instead of retaliating in kind, Temple-Wood and the followers she’s acquired write a biography on a woman who’s made a valuable contribution to science for every hateful message she receives. It turns out, her efforts are desperately needed.

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hi did you see Tom hardy plays scrabble on set to prep for tough scenes and I’m screaming cuz harry is going to show up shyly and Tom is going to be like no no let’s do this and it’ll all be great but then harry will tell a knock knock joke …😟


listen if tom hardy is half the man i think he is he’ll tell a worse joke with harry and then take him to go find a dog to play with and if he’s truly a pal he’ll video tape harry with puppies crawling all over him so i can finally Die and know Peace.