suggested roles for harry styles in upcoming wwii drama “dunkirk”




1. village ne’er-do-well who redeems himself by enlisting

2. winston churchill’s secretary who relieves dramatic tension by dropping a tea tray

3. fresh-faced recruit who has a tearful good-bye scene with childhood sweetheart left behind

4. alternatively, the childhood sweetheart left behind; is poignantly impregnated on their last night together

5. a saucy barmaid at the soldiers’ favourite pub

6. charming french peasant boy; in a sweet, flirtatious interlude kenneth branagh teaches him english

7. winston churchill’s speechwriter, mick greenberg

8. that one soldier who pretends to have trouble loading his ammunition and/or buttoning his uniform so that tom hardy will “show him how it’s done”

9. that one soldier who dies in tom hardy’s arms after breaking his heart with the mysterious last words “tell niall i loved him”

10. tom hardy’s faithful labrador retriever

I think you’re forgetting that this is a LEGIT MOVIE NOT YOU’RE LITTLE FANFICTION LAND. That’s not how Hollywood works sorry to tell you

umm…are you suggesting harry styles couldn’t actually be cast as a labrador retriever in upcoming oscarbait historical blockbuster “dunkirk”? just because you don’t believe in Art or Beauty or harry’s ability to writhe with pleasure and expose his belly when tom hardy calls him a good boy doesn’t mean the rest of us have to give up on our dreams

I have a physical need for number 5 and number 10 to happen.


Do you want real revelations?? hack Niall’s account. THAT SHADY ASS HOE




#Hit by a Car and Dumped in the Trash But This Pigeon Isn’t Giving Up (x)


the force awakens: an actual sitcom in space


submitted to me: Keith Richard’s jacket! Harry fashion guru! 😛

me: hahahahahahahaha!


it just occurred to me that Laurent watched Damen wrestle Pallas in the nude and it was Very Much on his mind and that inviting Pallas into their room while Damen was grinding on him was probably 100% intentional and im laughign tbh??? Laurent buD, GOD like “ya pallas well,  uh, checK THIS”


Our prayers and thoughts are with Lahore, Pakistan – where at least 30 people have been killed in a suicide bombing. We must remember that terror doesn’t discriminate; when it affects one of us, it affects all of us.