the captive prince trilogy by c.s. pacat

“You have to admire it,’ said Laurent, in a detached voice. ‘It’s the perfect time to attack Akielos. Kastor is dealing with factional problems from the kyroi. Damianos, who turned the tide at Marlas, is dead. And the whole of Vere would rise up against a bastard, especially one who had cut down a Veretian prince. If only my murder weren’t the catalyst, it’s a scheme I would wholeheartedly support.”



Favorite Character Meme

[5/5] Colors » Yellow

Oh I was having such a good day and THEN YOU HAD TO GO DRIVE A DAGGER THROUGH MY HEART




Can you knit me together or just tear me apart?


that’s got to be the best pirate i’ve ever seen (5/?)


Harry Potter Gabriel Picolo

A series of illustrations based on the Harry Potter books created by Gabriel Picolo a freelance illustrator based in Brazil. A new take on the fantastic beasts, potions and spells from the magical Harry Potter book series. You can support this artist efforts on Patreon.

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