The disappearance of Umberto Eco left me breathless and very sad. He was a great author and a great scholar, but most of all he was one of *my* scholars. One of the main authors I study, one of the founders of my field of study. It’s the first big founder’s death I experience, and the feeling is jarring. Human beings like he was – like he will always be – they are exactly that: always. All his passion and his works are part of a knowledge shared by so many people, that crossed so many generations, there’s no such a thing a death for people like Umberto Eco. Still, he’s gone, the man, the living being, and it’s so strange and so sad, because I’ve never ever crossed roads with him, but he’s been one of my teacher and maestros, and I’ll keep learning from him through his books for a long time still. But I’ll never have the change to meet anywhere but on printed pages, and that’s making me sad.



Three months. I can’t believe it’s been three months since the last time I wrote on this blog. I feel bad about it, but my life has been a whirlwind.

I graduated (yay me!) and generally got lost in a mess about what to do next. Add to that a long-lasting writing … block? I’m not sure I can call it block, I wasn’t blocked as much as with too many ideas to pin-point a single on and got it sorted. Plot-bunnies having multiple parties in my brain! I mean, it’s exciting, but also kinda exhausting. I sorted out a lot of them now, thou, so I hope I’ll be back in track pretty soon.

On a whole other note, I’ve been developing a bad, bad addiction to gaming Youtubers. Is that how they’re called? The Youtubers that film themselves while they’re playing online games. I’ve found a couple of Youtubers in particular that make me laugh my hearth out. I’m like, stuck at Game Boy Pokemon Game? I’ve never been a gamer, but watching their videos is too entertaining.