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rebloggin’ cause that is the actual look on my face when that happens

trying out passwords

Dumbledore: After all this time?
Snape: Always
Dumbledore: Yikes..













Tumblr: #this fucking donut #can we talk about this fucking donut for a minute #can we #because on this donut #the sprinkles just comfortably melt into the icing #you can tell that they are so perfectly in tune with each other #and they’ve come so far from when the sprinkles just sort of sat on top #barely touching for fear of rejection #just ugh I can’t #otp: comfortably melting

4chan: here’s a picture of someone putting their dick in a donut.

reddit: that donut needs to go back into the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Here is a pdf of the seminar paper I wrote about the erotics/poetics/semiotics/science of donut eating.

deviantArt:I did not steal this donut. I traced it so now it’s mine.

It got better The donut is the setting for a high school AU, were two sprinkles meet and realise they have more in common than they ever thought possible, however, the mean chocolate sauce has caught wind of their secret relationship. Will they be able to make it together before it’s too late? M for a lemon flavoured donut.

This has officially become one of my favorite posts.


Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with: The Internet. Graphic Depictions of Gluten, doughut/sprinkles, doughnut/glaze, doughnut/sprinkles/glaze, doughnut – character, sprinkles – character, glaze – character, dsg threesome, first time, morning doughnuts, AU – doughnutverse, omg i don’t even know, knotting

Livejournal: Это пончик.

Captive Prince: All That Sass
Prince’s Gambit: Sexual Tension™
Kings Rising: Holy Gay Matrimony



If we want to get techinical, Anakin Skywalker was such an epic intergalactic screw-up that he’s now literally screwing up the galaxy from beyond the grave. We’re about to have 9 movies all based around one man screwing up.

#way to fuckin go anakin (via)

Okay. I am an idiot American. What is this Eurovision that is being spoken of?


Eurovision is what Europe replaced world wars with. Instead of going to war with each other every few decades, now we show our national pride/shame and our cultural alliances through glitter and music. RIP the entente cordial, long live douze points to your neighbour.

In other words, every year in May European countries send our best and brightest (or worst and most shameful if you are Britain) to compete in the most camp singing contest of all time. There is glitter, pyrotechnics, dance routines, props, and so much fake tan that it keeps the fake tanning business in profit.

The public in each country votes for their favourites and it’s a great indicator of which countries like which in Europe. Neighbours who like each other tend to give their max 12 points to each other (ie Greece and Cyprus) and ones with some shared cultural history tend to do the same.

Britain never gets points cause a) we send shit acts, and b) no one likes us – with good reason.


okay anyone who says harry isn’t a slytherin after this………………. you are just wrong. wrong. wrong. he posted a pic of just his hair, not a selfie, not a picture with someone else, nothing, after the earth-shattering revelation that he cut his hair knowing that it was going to cause mass hysteria. and then and then!!!!! in the first pap pics of him with his hair cut shorter, HE WEARS A HAT