Where will you go?
                          Where will we go?


It’s a fascinating thing because we’ve been watching these characters for six seasons, and this is the first scene they’ve had together.Two of the most important characters on the show and they’ve never been together on camera before. It just worked out beautifully. Game of Thrones Season 6: Inside the Episode #4


Will he howl for me when I’m dead, as Bran’s wolf howled when he fell? Jon wondered. Will Shaggydog howl, far off in Winterfell, and Grey Wind and Nymeria, wherever they might be?

Dating Margaery Tyrell Would Include


  • Plucking roses together
  • Being best friends with Loras
  • Olenna loves you instantly
  • She would play with your hair when you fall sleep in her lap
  • ‘You’re the only thing in this whole place that feels right’
  • Dressing to impress
  • Stealing her dresses
  • Getting lost in her blue eyes
  • You’re her little rose
  • She introduces you to important people
  • She helps you to stay focused
  • Hot makeout sessions
  • She would tease you all the time
  • Romantic sex
  • Lots of laughter
  • Visiting Highgarden
  • Having an unbreakable bound (growing strong)