You children are so lucky you have tumblr and AO3 because let me tell you that deviantart and quizzilla were dark, unforgiving places 




I think as a culture we have all forgotten that fandom is supposed to be fun.

It’s not that serious.

It was never supposed to be that serious.

Especially since most of the drama and hurt revolves around shipping.

All of the ships are fictional. Being canon doesn’t actually negate the fact that the ship isn’t real. 

No ship, or any aspect of a fictional universe, is important enough to treat another real life human being badly. 

It’s not that serious.

“No ship, or any aspect of a fictional universe, is important enough to treat another real life human being badly.”

I’ve had the misfortune of encountering some people who really, really, really need this drilling into their skulls.

“No ship, or any aspect of a fictional universe, is important enough to treat another real life human being badly.”

Coming into a fandom late













Coming into a fandom early and watching it become an angry clusterfuck


Being in a dormant fandom that suddenly comes alive again after a new book/movie


Don’t forget about those who come in the midst of a fandom war. 


Accuracy at its best

Being in a fandom and not even knowing there’s a war going on…

all of this shit…lol

When You’re Not In The Fandom But You’re Nosy AF

When you’re not part of the fandom that shit happened to but you get involved because they didn’t deserve to be done that way *cough Rothenburg is the dude in the chair*

I’m a combination of the last two

When you’re not in a fandom but some people you’re following are and so you watch the drama unfold from a distance

what does it say about me, that I’ve been in each one of this situations in ten years of fandom life

A more coherent explanation of why I’m pissed with the Musketeer tag at the moment


Warning for all the usual spoilers, speculation, ship wars etc:

So as anyone who follows me has probably guessed, I don’t really care one way or another about Annamis becoming end-game. No reflection on the actors or any particular loathing of the concept, it’s just not really for me. Do I think it’s realistic that Anne turns in her crown and goes to shack up at the garrison darning Aramis’ socks while still in all her court finery? Probably not. Do I think Aramis was justified in all of his actions as a result of The Night That Must Be Denied? Certainly not. Do I feel a grudging sympathy for Ryan Gage every time he makes that kind of strange piney face at Anne across a crowded court scene? Most definitely so, because Ryan Gage is a hella underrated actor (no matter how unforgiveable Alfred in The Hobbit was).

So no. I’m not particularly convinced by Annamis as a ship, nor do I get a terminal case of the squees whenever I see a picture of them together. But do you know what that doesn’t entitle me to? Acting like a complete tool to anyone who gets excited at the rumour that Aramis and Anne get together, dismissing their excitement, and generally deriding their pathetic feeble brains for falling for such a dumb, stupid ship.

First off: it’s a fictional television show. Secondly: it’s a fictional television show.

Thirdly, people have every damn right to get excited about their ship. So you like pining Aramis? I too like pining! Appreciate Anne making the first move and snogging him in 2×04? Hooray for strong women taking the initiative! Pull up a cup of tea and we can share headcanons about how Porthos would throw his best mate the best stag party in Paris if they ever got hitched. It’s not how I would have written it but then if I was writing the show Luke Pasqualino and Howard Charles would be taking their shirts off every episode. You can’t have everything.

And that’s why what’s going on in the tags is so upsetting. Being disappointed because you think Milathos would have been a great endgame or you don’t think the Annamis storyline is convincing is one thing, but acting like spoiled children who’ve lost a toy is another. Mocking people whose ship has actually sailed is even worse. It’s obnoxious, it’s childish, and it’s downright hurtful.

I get that shows can be an integral part of people’s lives, and it sucks when our hopes for those shows don’t come to fruition. But turning a fandom into a toxic place simply because your views and those of the show-runners do not perfectly align in every single way is a crappy way of dealing with your disappointment. We’ve been a really great fandom through two seasons: sharing headcanons, encouraging each other’s fanfics, and sharing the mutual love of Athos’ face during the infamous ‘I cannot beliee-ve’ scene. And let’s be honest, everyone on tumblr has seen one fandom where disappointment in a storyline has led to hurtful behaviour, bullying, anon hate, sexism, racism, ableism – you name it, it’s cropped up. We’re better than that.

My first experience with the Musketeers fandom here on tumblr was the musketeersedit week just before Season 2 premièred, in which I made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun. Regardless of whether you shipped Constance with d’Atagnan, Pothos with Aramis, or Athos with all the wine in Paris, we had fun chatting together and sharing our love for this dumb show. It would be a terrible shame if that sense of community was ruined depending on which actors do or do not end up playing tonsil tennis on our television screens.


Overall, I really like that fan culture is progressively getting more and more analytical and really examining texts, extracting subtexts and themes and every last drop of symbolism.

But one thing that worries me (and I want to be clear before I start that I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else) is that people aren’t accepting any part of the text at face value at all.

And that, in turn, means that a lot of very simple facts of a show are taken not as canonical fact, but as one possibility, and some fans assume that they’re being astute by not buying in to the suggestion. Occam’s Razor isn’t just dismissed, it’s ridiculed

If my dash is any indication, this most often seems to happen when a show portrays a white man as villain or a woman of color as hero. It feels like people aren’t just buying into harmful cultural stereotypes, but trying to act superior or more knowledgeable for not just rejecting what the text says, but pretending the text never said it in the first place.

Meta and analysis don’t work unless we all start from a place of recognizing that the text is saying something. If you make the choice to read against the text, awesome. But if you don’t recognize you’re reading against the text, you are making the concept of a text lose all meaning.

Which is great if you’re consciously deconstructing the purpose of a text existing at all. But if you are you should probably specify that, because in the absence of explanation, you just seem like you don’t know how to understand the very basic textual level of a TV show.


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