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Question @people who were already actively reading fic back in the 90′s early 2000′s etc.:

Since I have a preference for older fandoms I keep ending up on older fic archives too, but I’m personally really more of an AO3-generation type person since I literally only started reading fic back in 2013 and ao3 is where I read my first stories..

SO on ao3 fic length/’size’ gets measured in WORDCOUNT (which.. makes sense to me and is something I can sort of work with to make an approximation of how long something is gonna take me to read etc.)

BUT on older fic archives I tend to see things get measured by.. idek what exactly? but? you end up with fic sizes like “55K” or.. “200K” and.. to me ‘K’ means thousand? but they most definitely do not mean 200 thousand WORDS, so..

is it FILESIZE?? like.. 200 KB if you save it as a textfile??? or?? what.. just.. W H A T ?

I’m pretty sure it’s file size because that mattered with dial-up. I think 4K roughly corresponds to 1000 words.

I’ve never felt… so old…. in my life

wait till the children find out we had to split up our “long” stories into parts because the way you got fanfic was through a mailing list and was rude to send a whole long story in one email. (and by “long” I mean like 20,000 words. that would be split up into five or six parts.)

because… what if you sent someone a long story and their email inbox got COMPLETELY FULL. then they’d miss other important emails. that was a thing that could happen. TRUE FANDOM HISTORY FACTS

*xxx * means bold!
_xxx_ means italic!
//xxx// means thoughts or song lyrics!

I remember yahoogroups (back when it was… Onelist? Lol)! But only for RP. Only started reading/writing fics when we’d all already more or less made it to livejournal. ^^;;; 










Why Did You Capitalize The Word ‘Cabbage’ But Not The Word ‘France’ : an adventure in reading fanfiction

coming soon, the thrilling sequel: ‘You’ve Gone Through Three Different Tenses In The Space Of One Paragraph And I Think You Just Invented A Whole New One All Of Your Own’

and the long anticipated conclusion to the trilogy: ‘I Have No Idea Who Is Supposed To Be Speaking Right Now’

Don’t forget the essential supplemental texts, That Does Not Physically Work and Anything Is Lube.

Decorated by the thrilling prequel series How Many Ways Can You Describe A Person Using Epithets And Not Their Name, featuring You’re Somehow Convinced That Three Paragraphs of Clothing Detail is Important and Thrilling, and I Have Never Beheld Something So Out Of Character In My Life 

Please don’t forget the charming brochure The Most Intimidatingly Huge Paragraphs Of Our Times. There is also the sister novella Multiple Characters Speaking In The Same Paragraph, and the loosely-connected-but-not-strictly-necessary side series Forgoing Punctuation: Misadventures With Enigmatic Run-On Sentences

That Doesn’t Exist in this Universe and You’re Not Writing an AU: A Leaflet on Anachronisms.  

Why Did You Choose the Second Person Over Literally Anything Else, a primer on POV.

Weirdly Specific Fetishes And You: An Introductory Guide to Oversharing With Your Readers. 

Oh look! A primer on James Joyce’s Ulysses. 









but…antis… what fics do you read…?

Straight and Ruly and Hetero Next To Me

That Sounds Fake But I’ll Believe It Anyway

Those Inconvenient Photoshopped pictures

Pull Me Under (so I don’t have to face up to what’s really happening)

After (it turned out they were gay)

And Then A Baby (after bullshit tweets and beard number 183839194)

Logic is a Rebellious Bird


this is the best and most important note i’ve ever seen on an ao3 fic