Dumbledore: After all this time?
Snape: Always
Dumbledore: Yikes..


HP AESTHETICS: Marauders Era

‘Adolescence didn’t make sense, a little loss of innocence.’


HP AESTHETICS: The Golden Trio

‘I’ve learned that home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.’


“She’s been breaking into your broom shed in the garden since the age of six and taking each of your brooms out in turn when you weren’t looking,”

P.S Everything you know is a LIE


What if Voldemort’s not evil? 

What if J.K Rowling is? 

What if J.K Rowling is the ultimate evil entity in the wizarding world, ousted by the people’s leader: Voldemort – the kindest, most gracious, genuine and most importantly – most powerful wizard ever known. What if SHE was the darkness lurking in the shadows using fear to control the actions of good wizards everywhere until someone, somewhere had the courage to stand up to her – Voldemort. 

And no matter how many times she thought she’d defeated him he kept coming back to fight her again because after committing a truly selfless act (like say sacrificing his own life to protect someone from J.K) he was awarded a horcrux – an item so revered no wizard had ever displayed the selflessness of character to receive it. And each time he gave his own life to protect the wizarding world he was awarded another until he had 7 – at which point J.K found out about the Horcruxes. 

Realizing that his power is only going to grow if she continues to go after him the way she had been she retreats to the muggle world and writes Harry Potter, exposing ALL the secrets of the wizarding world, bad mouthing the very best wizards ever known and teaching us that a horcrux is a sign of verified evil – NOT good, all while she slowly builds a muggle army – spending DECADES indoctrinating us to the ideas of who is good and who is evil within the wizarding world until one day she casts a spell that drops the hypothetical wall between our worlds unleashing the bloodiest most aggressive assault the wizarding world has ever seen? Millions of muggles across the globe begin a hunt to destroy any remaining horcruxes – the very thing keeping us alive and safe from J.K.


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HP AESTHETICS: Durmstrang + Beauxbatons

Learning never exhausts the mind.