Tis the season for senior quotes


I was looking through my brother’s yearbook and I’m dying

I’ll share a few of my favorites but there are so many


The fandoms are strong with these ones


Jabs at reality are always a favorite


And my personal favorite






Slutshaming women is not ok
Slutshaming Alexander Hamilton is totally ok
Tumblr logic

he cheated. on his wife.

he’s also been dead for several hundred years this is the funniest post ive ever read in my life

fave things about this post:

  • the idea that thousands of people are calling alexander hamilton a slut
  • calling any founding father a slut
  • the idea that people are SHAMING Alexander Hamilton for being Such A Slut he is being SHAMED for being such a naughty little tart, SPREADING HIS LEGS FOR EVERYONE IN CONGRESS
  • that this was probably prompted by people expression dissaproval for Alexander Hamilton cheating on his wife – that the OP thinks “slut shaming” and “Isnt it gross that he cheated on his wife” are the same thing
  • Alexander Hamilton has been dead for 210
  • 210 slutty, slutty years
  • the way that this is presented in such a CHECKMATE SJWS way when they’re talking about a founding father who cheated on his wife and has been DEAD FOR 210 YEARS
  • the fact that the words “Slutshaming” and “Alexander Hamilton” have been used in the same sentence
  • i mean just apply what we’d traditionally think of as “slut shaming” to Alexander Hamilton.
  • His frock coat is too tight, his breaches are so short, have you SEEN how often he powders his wig??? I heard he gave Thomas Jefferson a handy behind the stables AND that he got fingered by John Hancock
  • i barely know who alexander hamilton is

I thought this was about Hamilton the Musical ….?



lmfaooo Rihanna’s brother about the Met Gala

this is what I’m saying!!