I love the 80′s presence in the film as well. The fashion and stuff like that.


Apocalypse BTS Interview

make it gayer, I dare you


had some rough moments as an actor, though I’ve always had the support
of my family. I lost a lot of gigs because I seemed desperate at the
auditions. When you’re not working, you totally lose your self-esteem.
It’s a frustrating trade if it doesn’t go your way. I have to thank my
father, who always pushed me to do more; he was never satisfied with my
achievements. (x)(x)


You went through the whole Oscar thing, Michael. Did you go with a speech in your pocket, or? No, I didn’t. I don’t know why, I never really prepare speeches.




That leather jacket would look great onmy bedroom floor

Sometimes, if you stare at a Fassy gif hard enough, you may actually feel the scrape of his beard on your cheeks. Or your inner thighs. Whatever.

Well thanks for planting that thought in my head….